TEE Certification Scheme

GlobalPlatform is committed to ensuring a standardized level of security for embedded applications on secure chip technology by developing an open and thoroughly evaluated trusted execution environment (TEE) ecosystem with accredited laboratories and certified products.

The GlobalPlatform TEE Certification Scheme, managed by its TEE Security Evaluation Secretariat, enables vendors to confirm conformance of their TEE products to the organization’s TEE Protection Profile, through independent security evaluation.

The scheme aims to accelerate the deployment of certified TEE products and promote a globally interoperable connected device ecosystem. Additionally, it will enable service providers to confidently and effectively manage risk, by ensuring that there is a consistent level of security across connected devices.

GlobalPlatform Product Evaluation
A product must be submitted to a GlobalPlatform accredited laboratory and competently perform a number of tests to meet the security evaluation criteria. The laboratory will send its test report to the GlobalPlatform TEE Security Evaluation Secretariat for evaluation and issuance of a certificate.

GlobalPlatform Laboratory Accreditation
To achieve qualified status, GlobalPlatform member laboratories must successfully meet the criteria set forth by GlobalPlatform. A test laboratory must also have the expertise to confirm a product’s compliance to GlobalPlatform Configurations, and can offer third party validation that is neutral and results that are verifiable.

Visit the GlobalPlatform website to find out how to participate in the TEE Certification Scheme.

GlobalPlatform also collaborates with the widely recognized and established secure element certification scheme.

While evaluation of a product’s conformance to required security levels is a critical action for service providers who want to manage risk effectively, compliance testing is also critically important to ensure that their services will behave as intended when deployed in the field. To support this, GlobalPlatform also offers functional evaluation activity for the secure element (SE) and the TEE. Read more at the Compliance page.

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